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Andrea Leonard

M.S. Hydrologic Sciences Candidate

B.S.  Illinois State University,
Geology 2014


Research Topic

I am using the process-based crop model EPIC and agent-based models to simulate hydrology and agriculture in the Treasure Valley of southwest Idaho. By altering climate change projections and management decisions in the models, I will develop a suite of alternative future scenarios for the region that illustrate future agricultural water use and crop yield.

photo of Andrea Leonard
Office:  ERB 4th floor, cube 4C

Other Research Interests

Agricultural water use, agent-based modeling, hydrologic modeling, alternative futures analysis, evapotranspiration and soil moisture of agricultural lands, climate change, socio-ecological systems, surface-groundwater interactions.

  • Proficient in:  Windows operating system, Mac OSX operating system, ArcGIS, NetLogo
  • Knowledge of:  AutoCAD to create drawings and modify existing projects, MatLab, and programming languages – R, Python, Java
  • Hydrologic equipment used:  YSI ProDSS and flow cell, RKI Eagle, Water level meter, Groundwater Sampling Bailers, Total Station
  • 40 hour HAZWOPER certification (January 2014)

* Coming soon. *