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Flores group welcomes new members!

Flores group welcomes new members!

The Flores group is happy to welcome two new members to the team this Fall. These new members will be addressing critical climate change questions for Idaho.

Blaine Dawson completed the BS degree in Geosciences from the University of Washington in Seattle in summer 2012. While at UW he worked as an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Brittany Brand’s physical volcanology program. At Boise State, Blaine will be answering the question, “how will the dynamics of nutrient, water, and energy cycles in the high-gradient mountain environments change with climate?”

Erin Murray, who will co-supervised by Prof. Kelly Cobourn (Economics, primary), Prof. Jennifer Pierce (Geosciences), and Prof. Flores, came to Boise State after completing the B.S. degree in Geosciences at Missouri State University  in Springfield in spring 2012. While at Boise State, Erin will be addressing the question “how will agricultural productivity and the associated demand for water change as the climate warms and atmospheric CO2 fertilization from anthropogenic emissions accelerates?”

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