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Megan Maksimowicz

M.S. Hydrologic Sciences Candidate, Geosciences

B.S. Atmospheric Sciences,
University of Kansas, 2009
Returned Peace Corps Volunteer
Tanzania, 2010-2012


Research Topic

Quantifying land cover change due to civil conflict in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique, and modeling the resulting changes to hydroclimatic variables.

Other Research Interests

I am interested in modeling land-atmosphere interactions, land use/land cover change, and remote sensing. I am most intrigued by topics that intersect social and physical sciences.


Megan Maksimowicz, Department of Geosciences, Photo by Allison Corona

Office:  ERB 4th floor, cube 4A

  • Languages: Python, R, MATLAB, Swahili
  • Software/Modeling: ENVI, WRF Model, MS Office Suite
  • Lab Skills: General wet lab techniques, ELISA Immunoassay, Solid Phase Extraction, Accelerated Solvent Extraction, LC/MS
  • Maksimowicz, M. M., N. A. Brunsell, J. M. Ham. 2009. Spatial and Temporal Alterations on Carbon and Water Cycles due to Grazing. American Geophysical Union Spring Meeting. (poster)
  • Maksimowicz, M. M. Impact of Grazing on Fluxes over a Grassland. University of Kansas Undergraduate Research Symposium. (oral presentation)
  • Loftin, K.A., Dietze, J.E., Meyer, M.T., Graham, J.L., Maksimowicz, M.M., Toyne, K.D., 2015, Total Cylindrospermopsins, Microcystins/Nodularians, and Saxitoxins Data for the 2007 United States Environmental Protection Agency National Lake Assessment, U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 929, 9p.